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1945 British Military Flat Earth Map

This is perfect – the map actually disproves itself  as supporting FE when you read the printed information in several of the corner sections. It describes how this, or any projection distorts the real information.

The distance chart details why there are distances at southern latitudes that are not consistent with north-south or northern latitude distances.

It mentions that the straight lines are not actual flight paths, and how great-circle paths would actually be found for realistic paths.

It clearly mentions how this is a map of the globe, not a freestanding map of the earth.

In a nutshell, posting this on an FE site is lying to that audience, not unexpected sometimes.

Something a shill or dishonest person would do. Nice job!


Includes Flat Earth Air routes and mileage added in.  Proof positive of Flat EArth. You can order this map on EBAY and is of high quality. It was made by for British Airways

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